Thank you UK SOTA group!

Hi! My name is Scotty, call, KG3W. Had a fun day today and just passed the 10,000 chaser mark. Just wanted to say thanks to the founders and caretakers of the SOTA site for starting the neat idea of Summits on the air. I found out about SOTA from watching many videos of Steve( WG0AT) and Rooster and Peanut. I had retired and was looking for some new activity to do. I had been QRT for 27 years. I’m an all QRP station and ordered the qrp version of the K3, and use a G5RV at 7 mtrs, fed with 300 ohm feedline. Activators and chasers alike have been very polite, and help each other to complete contacts,by letting the other guy work the activator without sending over them. Not like the usual free for all that some pileups get to be. 12 meters has been much better into North America and has helped with new summits worked. By the way; it was Klaus (DF2GN) that put me over the 10k mark today. Thank you Klaus! Thanks to all the Summit ops and chasers for listening for my little signal. Don’t know how I will fair when the sunspots go south, but for now,… This is great fun! All the best, de Scotty KG3W “72”

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Well done, Scotty, you are the latest “Supersloth!”

When the sunspots go that G5RV will work well on 80 and 40, just like mine does! It also works well on 60 metres but I think there is less 60 metres SOTA activity over there than there is here.


Brian G8ADD

Hi Scotty, also from me big congrats on your Supersloth !!
Nice to work you today in cw and ssb. nice signal on my ugly construction wire beam ? not sure if it works as it should to work, but signals are great today :wink:

vy 72 es hope to work you on much more summits !

klaus DF2GN/p

Congratulations Scotty on achieving the Super Sloth.

Jimmy M0HGY

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Hi! My name is Scotty, call, KG3W. Had a fun day today and just passed
the 10,000 chaser mark.

Hi Scotty,

Congrats on your Super Sloth! Great to have you in my log so many times. Its been a real pleasure to work you. Many thanks…

73 Mike

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Hey Scotty, missed you today. Congrats on your 10K Supersloth accomplishment. Always fun to work you with your FB QRP signal. I did a log check and see we’ve worked 183 times now. Thanks, you’re one of my top chasers. Klaus had a very good signal today into LA today and I got him too for our 3rd s2s QSO so, I thank you too Klaus. Indeed this is a great program thanks to the folks in the UK starting it and it has helped me combine my two favorite hobbies, hiking and ham radio, for which there were two seasons - one or the other. Now there’s just one.

73, Dan - NA6MG

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Thanks Brian. 60 meters would be great but have only seen it at a couple of operations and they were on the west coast in California. Don’t think the I could make it with my setup.

In reply to DF2GN: Thanks Klaus. I like to play with portable antennas in my back yard, but nothing on the scale that you seem to be able to put up. HI! Hope to catch you on many more activations. 73 de Scotty KG3W

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Thanks Jimmy. Looking forward to working you someday. 73 Scotty

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Thanks Mike. This stuff must be addictive cause your still out here activating 11 years later. 73 de Scotty KG3W

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Thanks Dan. Right back at ya. Left a comment on the nasota page. Elliott,(K6EL)will also probably be at 10,000 either tomorrow or very soon. Thanks for listening for me. 72 de Scotty KG3W