Thank you to all activators.

Just completed 10K chaser points this morning (16th)just 22 months after entering the world of SOTA.First chaser points were on the 2nd Jan 2022 and after a while I found I was enjoying the chasing so much that from 5th Feb 2022 I have worked nothing but SOTA stations setting myself the 10K target inside 2 years.
Operation has been from my West London suburban QTH and from my second QTH on the NE cost of Menorca as EA6/M0DLL.
My current plan is to return to "normal " DXing whilst retaining a decent position on the chaser Honour Roll and keeping close to my 5.22 QSO average.
Thanks also to the (very) regular bunch of European chasers for good operating skills …I hope I didn’t tread on too many toes in the pile-ups!
Many years ago I would have joined you activators but my age (79)and poor mobility make that impossible so your activations and especially the photo and video reports are really appreciated.I look forward to seeing you on the bands for many more years.
to come.
Station info;
M0DLL; Icom 7300,Acom 500s, Palstar 50S, 120’ end fed

EA6/M0DLL; Icom 756Pro3, 60’ end fed.

Both antennas from the HyEndFed company. High quality MIL spec baluns and great antenna wire.

Check out my radio career on QRZ.COM. M0DLL