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Thank you SOTA hamily!

For those not on facebook, I wanted to share a big thank you here on the reflector. On June 8th, my 3 year SOTA-versary, I reached my goal of MG and also the first YL in OR to achieve it. It was a beautiful day on Big Red Mountain, the perfect amount of blue sky and rolling clouds to feel in the heavens. I logged 108 qsos with 17 S2S! I appreciate some who put effort to be on a summit for this special day for me. It has been an amazing journey and I wanted to say thank you to so many that were a part of it near and far. Not that its ending, but it is a big achievement for me that also helped me get through a few difficult years of loss and health issues. Nothing compares to getting to the top of a mountain on some of those days.

It was my 219th activation, and of the 119 uniques I have summited 73 were First Activations so a lot of new areas I’ve explored and navigated. I know my region so much better. I really never summited before SOTA. What is unique of SOTA treks is i can remember something from each one, even if the same mountain, no trek or activation is ever the same. From the flora and fauna, to weather and equipment. Lots of memories and lessons learned.

So grateful to be a part of SOTA and it truly has changed my life for the better. Time to set some new goals Thanks team, couldn’t do it without you!



Congrats Amy,

FB!! And so many 1st activations! Very well achieved!

Andy, N4LAG

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Congratulations Amy, well done. I’m glad that SOTA activities has also enhanced your life. Great photos too.

cheers, Geoff vk3sq

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Congrats Amy, well done.


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Nice job, Amy. That’s a lot of elevation gain in 3 years.
Stay well & 73!
Mike, WB2FUV


Congratulations on Mountain Goat Amy, To do it in 3 years is a big effort that is dedication. Been enjoying seeing your pictures on Face Book along your journey. Oh well now you can relax a bit and work on Goat 2 from now on, I am doing that and taking a friend with me so he gets his first MG award as well. It takes about six and a half years here in vk5 to get there visiting the usual list of summits we can visit each year.
Ian vk5cz …


Congratulations Amy!
Mike K6STR

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We’ve all enjoyed participating in your awesome run to Mountain Goat! So many first activations! You have a great territory out there! Great photos! Thanks for posting these details.

Our S2S contact on your MG summit was delightful at my end. You’ve made many S2S’s with me, and I don’t remember anything but sharp operating from you!

Hope you continue for your second MG - it may be more fun than the first, because you know more. Also you might expand your territory - visit new areas, new peaks, etc.

Every activator is unique, and we have quite a crew! Welcome to the herd.

The MG award is very special to me, because we have real mountain goats on some of our alpine peaks in CO, and several times I have been very close to them, including during SOTA activations.

Seeing these white animals walking across snow and rock fields is inspirational.




Congratulations Amy :confetti_ball: :clap: :champagne::trophy:

That’s a lovely part of the World. Glad you’re enjoying exploring it.

73, Fraser

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Congratulations Amy - great work!

73, GW4BML. Ben

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Well done Amy and impressive statistics.

Got to love activating in the western USA…such a beautiful place and so many peaks to blaze a trail to.

Currently M0SNA

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Great Amy,
I’m looking for our first S2S. :blush:

73 Chris

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Its been great to work you my top s2s operator. The regulars like you are partly what gives confidence to go explore new areas. I still have not been skunked. Always at least 4 ops waiting!

Three years exploring about a 50-75mi radius of my home qth has lessoned the itch to travel afar. I have so much treasure right here!

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Sorry to only have worked you three times. But take note they were all from my mobile! So you are getting into Missouri just fine from your part of OR.

Congrats on MG. Milestones are cool, but the journey is the best part!

John N0EVH

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Very happy to have you in Sota, Amy, after the retirement of other
Sota YL’s Naomi, Lynn, Meryl, Liz, and Taylor the snow shoe girl.

Elliott, K6EL

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Congratulations, Amy!
Looking forward to many more S2S Qs.
And thanks for taking us along via the breathtaking images.

David N6AN

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Congratulations Amy! I hope to S2S with you soon. Great photos.


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Thanks for getting to a summit!

Huge Congrats to you on reaching Mountain Goat Amy! You’re a true adventurer and I enjoy reading your posts about the exploring you do on your activations. So many FA’s! Keep up the good work and thanks for lots of QSO’s and S2S, looking forward to many more.
Keith KR7RK

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