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Thank you MT

As I approach my 6th anniversary I’d just like to express my thanks to the many people who make SOTA what it is. The MT, the software developers, the chasers and the activators. Even the manufacturers who pander to our needs and desires :wink:

I’m especially impressed by the tolerance that the MT show as the same old topics get raised time and again here (and I’m a relative newbie). :wink:

Anyway I’ve really enjoyed my time; met (on the air at least) some great people and can’t wait to get out there again and get my MG

(Post created by a combination of a boring day at work and a stiff cocktail afterwards!)


I’m having a Dryanuary this year as I didn’t have one last year. However, I completed Hogmanay Plus and had my last drink on Jan 3rd. So Feb 4th before I can have another drink assuming I can maintain my composure till then.

OK, who is opening a book on Andy’s abstinance? :rofl:


I had a dryMonday. But that was yesterday

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I only drink on days of the week containing a ‘y’.

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Last time I had alcohol was 19th may 2019 to celebrate Mountain Goat.
Yes the MT does good work for sure and might need the odd dram.
vk5cz …

I’m improving my lifestyle habits in a different way. I have a few, but not many alcohol free days. I certainly don’t have any dry weeks, let alone months.

But now when I have a beer, I tend to have one, or occasionally two - as opposed to four or five. It’s rather nice and I enjoy it more. I’m also at least a couple of years in since I had my last whisky. I don’t miss it at all!

Anyway News at Ten finished. Time to return to the shack and see what the FT-817 pulls in on FT8! It seems to be doing OK despite the low height end-fed longwire and the 5 watts, and the warmth that it (and me) are definitely not used to while operating!

6 10 12 m FT8 been busy hr in vk last few weeks.
I had to heed the advice from liver specialists that’s why I got off the boozing 20 years ago with the odd fall from grace. But now none since my Mountain Goat, celebrating not a big hit out just a couple “reflection ales”. Probably thought at the time of going for 2x goat if I stay healthy.
vk5cz …

I always feel compelled to join in with anybody who thanks the MT. Yes they do a fine though difficult job and all for nowt as they say in Yorkshire. Thank you from me too.

As for dry. I count that in years. I overdid it a few times in my student days.
73, John.

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I’ll join in on the thanks as well. Leadership isn’t an easy task especially for a large, growing organization. Well done MT!
Keith KR7RK

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Got to put my 2 pence worth in with a big thanks to all the team 'cos everytime I use the log page of sotawatch *I am always amazed at how easy you lot have made it for us old fuddy duddies.
Thanks again and I’m sure everyone appreciates how much is actually done behind the scenes.
Best 73

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As a less technical member of the MT I feel much the same way! If these wizards can conjure up something like this in their spare time, then their working lives must bring forth miracles!


I wonder if they respond as quickly at work? :wink: I’ve known professional departments take months to enact suggestions (after first considering the budget of course). Their support for SOTA is all the more impressive in that context

Indeed! A great big THANKS to the MT.
Ken, K6HPX & Kay, KE7BGM