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Thank you Heinz OE5EEP

Last evening I activated my first Austrian SOTA peak OE/OO-420 near Zell am Moos. The activation was only possible due to the generousity of Heinz OE5EEP, who offered to take me to the summit and provide the necessary radio and antenna equipment for a joint activation of Schoibernberg.

The activation was a success with 7 chasers on 2m FM and a further 10 chasers on HF 14.310 and 21.300 MHz.

As I have become accustomed to, the joint SOTA activation was followed by a meal and beer at a local Gasthaus. I have taken a liking to Stiegl beer :slight_smile:

Heinz has generously made available a 2m HT for me to use for the remainder of my time in Austria. Weather permitting, I hope to activate Eibleck OE/SB-336 on 2m FM later this week.

Thank you Heinz and thank you to Silvia OE5YYN and Peter OE5AUL for the warm welcome, very much appreciated.

73, Andrew OE/VK1AD

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Hi Andrew,
Listened for you on 2m, 20m & 15m - heard nothing unforunately. Too far on 2m (plus my 2m beam is horizontally polarised) and too close on 20 & 15m unfortunately.

73 Ed DD5LP (VK2JI)

Lovely international SOTA cooperation!

Thumbs up for it and for OE guests. Enjoy your stay and 73

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