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Thank you for the pileup

Activated OZ/OZ-009 today, initially nice wx, foggy but dry. Set up quite fast, was on air in 15minutes because I had to tell curious bystanders why I was bringing a fishing pole to a hill-top… :wink:

Called CQ a couple times and was hit by a MASSIVE pileup - simply amazing. My little HB-1B really struggled there (Chasers, plz don’t do QRO, If you can hear me doing 4W, I can hear you doing 50 ;))

12 QSO’s in 14 minutes before I had to close down due to WX: Wind was picking up, my fingers were getting numb and my fellow radio amateur assistant was Teeth Chattering freezing :smile:

I’ve heard some tried to call me after I went QRT - I’ll try to stay on longer next time.
Until then, best 73 and best SOTA