TF3DX/P Summit number Correction

By mistake I reported my activation on August 5th as that of
“Strútur” TF/SL-075 while in reality I was on “Strútur” TF/SL-084.
Those mountains are 133 km apart, with same name and nearly same height.

For what it is worth I got lost in the Summit list, - not the landscape !

I had 9 QSOs and just mailed a direct QSL with explanatory note to everyone’s address. Also sent e-mail to those 4 so listed, 2 responded at once.

I have updated the SOTA database; please correct your files as needed.
I am truly sorry for the inconvenience and possibly disappointment.
Thanks to all who have contributed to my trips by being on the other end.

73 es cul,
Villi TF3DX/P

Many thanks Villi, I corrected the summit :wink:

Eric F5JKK