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Testing new equipment


hi all,
tmrw no sota :wink:
at monday and thuesday i will activate one or two local summits to test
new rig.
i start every activation as normal with qrp in cw and ssb.
after the most station worked , i will do a bit more power
on antenna and see how it works… :wink:
but not more then 30/40watt , bcse first i have to make changes at my ant-tuner.
or i use my linked-dipole, but then no 80m in first try´s .

planned is to use this rig at contestweekends on 40m

vy 73 Klaus


In reply to DF2GN:

Hi Klaus

Perhaps it was the conditions today but you hit 599 here today from BW-010 for the first time. You said you were going to use a new 12 x 12m Dipole so perhaps that was the reason.

Thank you anyway because your weather sounded very nasty!

Best 73’s


In reply to G4CMQ:

Hi David,

Thanks for the 579 today. For curiosity what kind of receiver antenna are you using in Ipswich? Klaus is known to use full size inverted dipole for 80 m with a proper transmission line after the balun. I assume it was the same today though the sigs were weak for me when we overlapped on 7031 kHz. Anyway tomorrow more snow at low altitude. And strong winds at high altitude.

73, Jaakko OH7BF/F5VGL


In reply to F5VGL:

Hello Jaakko

Luckily I was one of the first in the queue to work Klaus at 11.34 or I might have missed you. He had to QRX for bad weather and I managed to pick you up at 11.45. When he came back shortly after, he drowned you out. I hope you managed a S2S. My comment about his signals were to make the point about his being the strongest I have heard him to date.

I am currently using an inverted vee with the centre at 10m and the legs sloping backwards at a tight angle. Seems to get me into the continent well but, facing east it is not so good inter G/GW.

Looking forward to you next activations.

Best 73’s


In reply to G4CMQ:

Hi David,

For me the activation was succesful since I got the 6 + 3 points. The chasers found me fast from 7032 kHz after QSY. I did not stay there to work s2s. I was sitting on snow with FT817ND on right leg and the T1 ATU on left. In addition I had log book and pen on my hands and I was managing the cw key at the same time. With some acrobacy I managed to work the necessary QSOs (though I forgot to lock the frequency when I replied to the first call).

Thanks for the info on the antenna. Seems to work well for the SOTA QSOs.

73, Jaakko OH7BF/F5VGL


hi all,

tmrw i´m qrv on DM/BW-22 or BW-71.
not sure about time and summit depends on wx.
will spotlite abt. 1hour before . think from 0900-1200 utc

Thanks Roy G4SSH for spotting in sotawatch today,
also ON4ON and G3VQO for setting a spot in the DX-Cluster, very useful
at weekdays with not so good propagation . Thanks !!

vy 73 Klaus


today we have bad wx in black-forest. rain and at about 1000m snow.
Canceld my activation today, but will be later qrv on local summit ( BW-169 )
that is only a few km´s away from my home. will test my linked dipole with full power and see how the slab works ( blocked 2x7.2Ah ).
PSE short qso´s . think it rains or snow at the activation . only wan´t test the rig with the antenna…sri, no 80m , but work on a 80m-part.

the reason for 40m-cw at last mode is not that i don´t like cw :wink: . but often i
come back to 40m-cw at the end of the activation and a few chasers everytime wait there, who missed me at the beginning. so in next summits, i do 40m-cw at last band . and pse lsn on 30m ( sometimes better sigs and less qrm as on 40m )

vy 73 Klaus Df2GN


hi friends,

think new rig works ok !
thanks all callers today. many chasers at a weekday…:wink:

a bit crazy to going out by this wx with very snowing at the end of the activation,
but have to test my rig with antenna and have my fun !

power today abt. 80watt on cw and ssb . antenna a linked dipole for 30 and 40m
as inv.V. , feedpoint abt. 10m high.

breaked up activation after 110qso´s due to the heavy snowing…

vy 73 Klaus … hpe cu on next sumit …


In reply to DF2GN:
It works fine Klaus - you were a big signal here. I worked Rolf in Denkingen after you finished. I listened on 20m but no propagation. Email sent to Ralf at the @darc.de address.
73 Steve G1INK.


In reply to DF2GN:

Hi Klaus

You were a FB signal today in both cw and ssb, 599+ X2 in cw and 59/59+ in ssb.
The extra power and linked dipole caused quite a pile up, hi;-) 110 QSO and it could have been more, hi.

c u on the next one Klaus

vy 73 Mike GW0DSP


In reply to DF2GN:

Happy Birthday to you and my best wishes for You!!!
many summits and good health for you in the next year!
hope to hear you on the bands soon.

I saw it just at www.qrpforum.de

73 de Lutz DL3SBA