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Ten Thousand

Yesterday I had a wonderful activation of A-1 Mountain, W7A/CS-013 in Northern Arizona. It’s a wooded summit and the weather was mild so I really enjoyed this one. The activation started out amazingly well, with an opening on 10 meters that gave me my first contact of the day with W0MNA in Kansas and his lovely YL W0ERI shortly after.

During this activation, I reached a personal milestone - I made my 10,000th QSO as an Activator. I wasn’t certain of the numbers but knew it would happen early in the activation. After checking my log, it appears that my 10,000th QSO was with the very active Op Bob Daniels, AC1Z, on 20 meters.

Thanks so much to everyone who participates in SOTA - this area of amateur radio has definitely been the most enjoyable for me during my 26 years as a licensed ham. It brings together so many aspects of the hobby that I enjoy, along with my love of hiking and the outdoors. I hope there will be many more contacts in my log in the future.

73 and see you on the next one (maybe today!) de KR7RK


Great Job Keith. Congrats…!

de KG6LI

Congratulations, Keith!

Dave, AE9Q

Congrats Keith,
Your efforts, (good antennas, power when necessary, and hanging in for long times on most bands) are really appreciated by the folks out here in chaser-land.
Onward to the next 10K!

Wow, Keith, you are just cranking it out. Congrats and now on to the second 10k!

73 Paula k9ir

Congratulations Keith on making 10,000 SOTA QSOs.

Jimmy M0HGY

Way to go Keith! I really respect that fact that you make a real effort to work as many chasers as possible when you activate summits. Keep up the great work and thanks for all the contacts!
73, Brad

Very cool Keith. Congratulations!


Mike - ke5akl

Congrats Keith, amazing to say the least ! I can always depend on you to get thru the QSB and bad propagation !
I got you last night from A1 mountain, weak signal here in FL, but we made it !!
Keep up the great job…
73 Ed

Hello Keith, great achievement on 10000. Always glad to work you. Stay safe on the peaks.
73 GL

Nice milestone!

Keith, congratulations on your 10K milestone. Thanks for meticulously going through the bands during your activations. Much appreciated!


Mike, AD0YM

Way to go, Keith. Liz and I agree; SOTA is a very enjoyable part of the hobby. As you said, it brings together two great activities, radio and the outdoors.

Keep up the good work!

73 from Ron and Liz (KI4TN and K1LIZ)

Way Cool!!! Congrats!

Carl-WB7ULD + Marie-WB7ULF


10K QSO’s in record time.

I’ve been doing this since 2013 and I have made just under 12000 QSO’s…so u will pass me very soon!!

You must talk faster that I do…Hi HI



Outstanding Keith. Keep on putting out that RF energy and I’m sure the chasers will keep adding to your log.
Gary A. - W0MNA

That is a lot of contacts Keith! Congratulations and I am glad to be your 10,000th contact! Looking forward to many more and hope to do another activation together sometime. 73 Bob AC1Z

Nice Keith

Way to go Keith!!!