Team activation of DM/BW-348 Gehrenberg, Friedrichshafen weekend

DM/BW-348 is an easy access summit, close to Friedrichshafen(FN) where the HAM RADIO event will take place from July 14-16th.

As this is now the only close summit to FN, I was wondering if any SOTA people going to FN would be interested in a team activation of the summit?

It could take place, for example, late Saturday afternoon prior to the SOTA Dinner, which could be held nearby.

What do people think?

73 Ed DD5LP.

Hi Ed

I would be interested but would need transport, will have radios and antenna if needed. I will be at Friedrichschafen for the 3 days and don’t leave until Monday morning. Not sure about the sota dinner as I will be travelling with a group from VK6.

It would be nice to qualify a German Summit.

Look forward to catching up.


John VK6NU

I will come along, but can’t offer transport, sorry my motorhome only has two seats and my wife will be with me.

No worries Gerald - if you need directions let me know.

73 Ed.

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