Tarn Crag G/LD-026 today

Ive only activated this hill once before, that time I had a chaufeur who dropped me at Sadgill & picked me up at the Kirkstone pass allowing me to take in High Street & Stoney Cove Pike as well. Today I didnt have that luxury so I only did the one summit.

I parked off the road at NY491047 about 800m South of the usual Sadgill parking spot & followed the route to the summit detailed here:-

By the time I`d reached the trig like pillar on the summit my feet were wet through. It was blowing a stiff wind from the North on the summit so I set up 15 - 20m downhill on the south side of the summit to keep out of the wind. During the activation there was a mixture of sleet flurries, sun, cloud & rainbows however the wind did seem to drop quite a bit. I was on for an hour during which I logged 53 contacts (80m - 20, 60m - 20, 40m - 13)
By now my feet were numb with the cold so I packed up & descended the way I had come up. Back at the car my feet were still cold so it was on to the Watermill Inn at Ings where I enjoyed a pint of Coniston Bluebird Bitter in front of the log fire.

Back home I checked the spots to see if I`d missed any s2s contacts and was surprised to see Simon was spotted on 2m only 6 mins after my last contact. Unfortunately I never knew Simon was heading up there or would have hung around for an eyeball. A nice summit, but better if you can do the other 2 summits as I did last time. Thanks to all callers & spotters & Andy & Robin for the s2s contacts with their respective GM summits.

73 Steve G1INK.