Sylvias first CW chaser QSO

Today Sylvia, OE5YYN, accomplished her first CW chaser QSO with Jürg, E7/HB9BIN/P.
Since she passed her CW exam, she did not practice CW until now.
After several weeks of training she gave herself a kick and called Jürg on 40m - and she was a bit nervous.
For her ist was a great success and she is looking forward to more CW contacts.

Peter OE5AUL (from now on sharing mic and key!!!)


Well done Sylvia! :slight_smile:

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SOTA is an ideal activity to learn how to have a QSO using CW. Most activators are happy to adjust their speed to suit the speed that the chaser is sending. The QSO format is fairly standard, which certainly helps. However, I fully recognise the worries about making the first CW QSO and would say well done Sylvia! I am sure that you will soon have a large number of CW chases in your log. I certainly look forward to working you.

73, Gerald G4OIG


Well done Sylvia.

I took the plunge some six weeks ago to start chasing with CW after being away from the key for 30+ years. It’s been a learning curve but a real big thank you to the Activators for their patience.

We’ve done the SSB s2s so maybe s2s CW one day? :slight_smile:

73 Allan GW4VPX


Liebe Sylvia
Es hat mich riesig gefreut, dass du mir die Ehre hast zu kommen lassen, mit mir dein erstes CW-QSO zu machen. Mache weiter so!
Morgen bin ich in Kroatien und habe am Nachmiitag wiederum viel Zeit zum Funken. Wenn ich rasch taste, antworte bitte gleichwohl! Ich werde für dich stets die Gschwindigkeit reduzieren.
Eines attestiere ich dir schon heute. Dein Tasten ist besser als dasjenige eines englischen Freunde von mit dem Call G4…
73 es 88 de E7/HB9BIN/p, Jürg

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Congratulations. I passed my CW test almost 35 years ago but having been off the air for 30 years I am very nervous about going back on the air with morse. I will do it soon!

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Well done Silvia.

Hoope for a CW S2S soon.

CUL ES 73 de


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Gratulations Sylvia,

Very motivating and giving myself a push to continue learning and practicing. “Only” half way thru the alphabet so it will take some time …
Not talking about listening to chains of characters at average speed … panic :sweat:

Not having to learn CW for the licence exam anymore made it a lot easier but there is something missing somehow I notice now.

73’s de Joe


Well done Sylvia!
CW from summits is sure to follow.
Welcome to the original digital mode.


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Well done Sylvia!!
Hopefully you will soon chase me in CW as well, I’ll be glad to decode your call up in a summit. I’m planning one trail this week :wink:

Keep on doing it and help Peter follow you in morse!

  • -… …- - de Ignacio
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Wow, Sylvia, und congrats - das steht mir noch bevor, hi! Ich verweise jeweils gerne auf meine 4 CW-QSOs vor 30 Jahren – mit deinem Beispiel muss ich mir nun einen Ruck mehr geben. Aber dennoch eins nach dem anderen!

Vy 73 de Markus, HB9DIZ

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Gratuliere Sylvia!
wird das Christkind dieses jahr ein schönes Spielzeug vielleicht bringen?

Die guten fleißigen Kinder bekommen die besten Spielzeug.


Well doe Sylvia.

John VK6NU

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Gratulations Sylvia ! Well done ! :clap: Andy and Eva

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Congrats Sylvia !
It was SOTA that made me pick up CW again (Never used it much since I did the exam in 1979 !).
When I started SOTA in 2014 I did only SSB, now my activations are 50/50 SSB/CW.
When I can’t selfspot, it’s even 100% CW.
And you have my respect to have picked out “Duracell Rabbit” keyer Juerg HB9BIN as your first target , it must have taken a lot of courage, hi
gl es cu in CW sn !
73 Luc ON7DQ

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Congratulations !
I will be waiting for your CW call.
You will also be happy to activate using CW.
I do it for short time, just 14 months only but there is no way back :wink:
73 Jarek

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Thanks a lot for all those very encouraging remarks! :blush::blush:
I did my CW exam more than 30 years ago and never started using CW. It took me two attempts to reactivate it but several months ago I was determined enough to go through with it. Repeated all the characters using the G4FON Koch Trainer, i.e. I sat down EVERY evening for at least half an hour listening and keying. Getting used to both a proper and a MINI paddle was no big deal (I had only used a straight key when I learnt CW).

But I had to take a deep breath before getting in touch with Juerg HB9BIN in CW last night. :fearful::cold_sweat:
I am far from being able to handle a SOTA pileup as an activator in CW but being able to chase is a good start - I think.
Bear with me when you hear my call sign. It’ll have to be QRS for some time…

73, Sylvia


Sylvia, I am looking forward to QSO with you - I learnt basic Morse Code sending/receiving just recently, so be patient with me if we happen to contact on the air! :slight_smile:

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Great going Sylvia! The first cw QSO is the worst, they get easier each time after the first, So happy you took the plunge.
Would be so happy to see more YL’s get into the hobby.
Brad N1VWD

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