Swinside anybody

From the RHB reflector :-

"Anyone interested in a “legal” ascent of Swinside on Sunday 2nd May?
It would cost you £3 but this would go to the Portinscale Village Hall fund and not to Lord Rochdale who has “kindly given permission for an ascent”.
If anyone is interested then I will arrange a baggers group to join the Portinscale villagers.
Must know by this Saturday as they want numbers and cheque by Sunday. I would pay but if you say you are coming and don’t show you will owe me 3 quid!
It’s always been against my principles to ask for permission but when it has been got for me I find it hard to resist the temptation of this sociable climb of our nearest hill. Great views from the top as well - weather permitting.

Ann Bowker

Roger G4OWG

In reply to G4OWG:

Sounds interesting as I might be in the area around that time.

Is ‘permission to ascend’ granted for the whole day - or just an organised walk? I can’t imagine the Portinscale villagers and hill baggers being overjoyed to have to share the summit with a crowd of SOTA activators shouting into their microphones and stringing up wires all over the place. Given the location of Swinside HF would appear to be required to give anyone outside of Keswick and/or GM land a decent chance of working it.