Swift Northern European Tour - August

My wife and I are off to the Tandem Club International Rally again this year. It’s being held on the Island of Öland at the SE corner of Sweden. We’ll be travelling in our motorhome again.
I’m planning to add to my Activated Associations along the way. The key ones are PA, OZ, LA and SM. I’ve got a lot of DM summits already, but there are new regions to be activated for me.

Some dates.
Hook of Holland 9th August.
Drive up through The Netherlands and Germany into Denmark.
Ferry Hirtshals (Denmark) to Kristiansand (Norway) Tuesday 14 August
Arrive Rally on Öland Saturday 18 August
Depart Rally Saturday 25 August
Drive via “The Bridge” back though Denmark, Germany and The Netherlands
Depart Hook of Holland Friday 31 August

Initial plans are:
Visit Arnhem and activate PA/PA-006, Signaal Imbosch
Something in DM on the way towards Denmark - open to suggestions, happy to deviate a bit - maybe 100km.
Something OZ = maybe OZ/OZ-001, Yding Skovhøj
Then it is LA and SM - Help! Too much choice… so anyone recommend something easy please? I’ll basically head along the coast road north from Kristiansand towards Oslo, then south to Gothenburg, before heading east across country to Öland

On the way back we’ll have more time. I am thinking of visiting Peenemünde (I’m interested in the rocket work there), so I will travel back through DM in a more southern route. Again some suggestions for one or two easy hills would be useful as we head back to Hook of Holland.

I haven’t mentioned the other “tourism” stuff we’ll be doing.

If any local SOTA Operators want to meet up along the way I’d love to meet you

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Sorry, I red your travel plans too late… but next time let me know if here in Sweden.

Cheers! SM0OEK

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I’m still in Sweden. We will leave on Sunday. Currently cycling on Öland until Saturday. Wonderful weather and a fantastic place to ride.

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Nice, I use to stay at my friends place in Kalmar during summer, close to the Öland bridge. Hope you enjoy your stay and drive safe.

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