Sweden joins SOTA

At the start of 2008, Scandinavia was conspicuous by its complete absence from the SOTA family. Now, just four months later, it is almost complete!

It is with great pleasure that we can announce that Sweden will be joining SOTA with effect from 1st June 2008. This follows some comprehensive work by Chris SM5KRI and Eric SM1TDE to produce an excellent and interesting ARM and its associated summit list.

There are 293 Swedish summits listed, spread over nine Regions. Of course, geography cannot be overcome however hard we try, so that the vast majority of the summits are in the north and along the Norwegian border. There are, nevertheless, some interesting hills further south, notably in the beautiful Dalarnas län in the centre of the country.

Also of possible interest is the availability of an amateur station for rent by visitors - details at http://www.si9am.se - which could serve as a convenient base for SOTA climbs of the adjacent summits in Jämtland län.

Meanwhile, spare a thought for Eric SM1TDE who has put so much into the preparation of the Swedish ARM. As many of you will be aware, Eric is a keen SOTA chaser with over 600 points. However, living on the island of Götland, which has no SOTA-qualifying summits, he will find it difficult to become an activator even now that Sweden has joined the award programme.

Good luck to all Swedish activators and chasers. We hope it will be an exciting summer for SOTA in Scandinavia.

As always, there may be a short pause before the Swedish ARM appears on the website due to MT commitments, but do have a read once it has been uploaded, as it is full of interesting information.

73 de Les, G3VQO
obo SOTA Management Team

In reply to G3VQO:

Well done Les and congatulations to the team in SM. I will be active from the Harz in Germany on their first day so will try to make a DM to SM S to S!!!


Mike G4DDL

May I add my hearty congratulations to the SM team in producing an excellent ARM in such a short space of time.

Unfortunately I will be QRL in DM on “day one”, June 1st (maybe I’ll be active there… some hope hi).

I also hope to try and amend my itinerary during the summer to visit one of the summits during my sojourn in SM. (I normally take my 706 gear for the IOTA contest and use it from the island QTH)

Well done Chris, Eric and all the others who have worked so hard in such a short space of time.

73 Marc G0AZS (SM7ZAU during the summer)

In reply to G3VQO:

I am interested to see where the SM summits are. I already had a look on the LA ARM. Perhaps we can make later a ‘worked all nordic SOTA’ award or similar. Anyway congratulations to the SM and LA teams. I would prefer to go there while there is snow but not yet mosquitos.

73 and hope to see you on the air up there in North,
Jaakko OH7BF/F5VGL

In reply to G3VQO:
Let´s make things clear once and for all. I have not done any work with the SM-ARM! Being lazy I jumped ship when realising the amount of work laying ahead of us… All creds must go to SM5KRI with helpers SM6PXJ and SM6EQO. I just introduced SM5KRI to the SOTA-programme and luckily he was in for it and got PXJ and EQO along. Thanks guys!

Hopefully we will get some activators like DH8DX and LX1NO in Sweden as well. I sure need the points to become a shack-slob (which I already might be, just ask the missus…)

73 from Eric - SM1TDE on the flat island of Gotland in the Baltic sea.

Hi all,

On my personal website Websupport | En av Europas största leverantörer av Webbhotell och Domännamn! you will find the pages for SOTA-SM. Welcome and make a visit! Any proposals to content on the pages is welcomed. The ARM will be available as soon as possible.

Hope to CU from a summit in Sweden!
73 -SM5KRI Chris

In reply to SM5KRI:
Absolutely fabulous!


The ARM is available at my website Websupport | En av Europas största leverantörer av Webbhotell och Domännamn! Go to “Documents” and you have a link there. This is temporary until the ARM is available via the SOTA main website.

Candidate for deletion

New detailed information shows that SM/DA-032 Bispbergs Klack have a prominence of only 140 meters, not 150 on my poor maps :frowning: So this summit will be deleted in the next version of ARM. You can also check Websupport | En av Europas största leverantörer av Webbhotell och Domännamn! for manual erratas.

73 SM5KRI Chris

In reply to SM5KRI:
Hi Chris
What a great job you guys have done with that SM list - many congrats and I am sure everyone looks forward to 1st June and hearing some Sugar Mike portables.
73 Cris

Just a week to go now! The Swedish ARM is available on the main SOTA website at Summits on the Air and all of the of summit information is now accessible from SOTAwatch.

73 de Les, G3VQO

In reply to G3VQO:
Two summits were aired today: VD-001 by SM6PXJ/P and GA-002 by topchaser SM3TLG/P. Well done indeed!

In reply to SM1TDE:
Yes it was good to welcome Sverige to SOTA with 2 FB activations - thanks to Chris and Hans for warming up 7.032 on a chilly Highland morning!
73 de Cris

Welcome to SOTA Sweden. Hope to work you soon.

Bjørn LB1GB

In reply to SM1TDE:

Two summits were aired today: VD-001 by SM6PXJ/P and GA-002 by
topchaser SM3TLG/P. Well done indeed!

Vy glad to be the first SM QSO (with Hans, SM3TLG/P) this morning.

73 Alain F6ENO

Yes I started early this morning and the first QSO was made at 05.55 UTC with F6ENO, so congrats to Alain for being the first to work a SM-summit. WX was almost too good, 30 degrees C and sunshine. I made 60 QSO:s, mostly on 40 mtrs CW. As I am located a little bit way up north, I am glad you caught my signals. So now I have to start to think about where to go next!

73 Hans / SM3TLG

Great fun, but WX a bit hot, just as TLG says.
A total of 68 QSOs, not too bad I think.
Used the Elecraft K1 and a dipole for 40/80.
Had some QRN from an electric fence (1 pulse/sec) which made reception difficult some times.
Probably heading for Värmland mid-June.


In reply to SM6PXJ, SM3TLG:

Nice! I hope to see some pictures from your activations.

Next week, starting 9 june me and my YL will be in SM/DA for a short holiday. We have rented a cabin on a island in the lake Siljan.

This will be the base for activate at least SM/DA-027 and perhaps if time/WX/YL says OK also SM/DA-031. I cant yet say exact day and time for activations. There will be no access to internet from the cabin… From the island I will be QRV as SM5KRI/4.

73, Chris

I have put some pictures at


In reply to all:

Me too: http://www.flickr.com/photos/28005133@N07/

But I don t like that the pictures is in reverse order in the slideshow, how to fix that?