SW3 down?

Sotawatch3 seems to be hung up not displaying spots or alerts. Since sotawatch 2 is broken also, I guess I will pack up and head down the mountain.

73, pat - KI4SVM

Yeah, it’s screwed up… NU7A is calling CQ SOTA on 14.064 right now!

It’s working fine to my Windows PC here:

Try again and if you still don’t get a display do a full refresh in your browser to clear your ISPs cache.

73 Ed.

Also not working here. Tested different browsers and an Android phone and tablet.

Edit: And it’s back after waiting for minutes on the page. DB server having performance problems? Empty again … it’s Beta stage

RBNHole doesn’t appear to be posting either. SMS spotting seems to work…sometimes.

Old sotawatch is still loading and shows the alerts due about now. Those who can, please monitor with your radio, RBN or an SDR for those stations to be calling, and post spots to a dxcluster to give activators some traffic.

Perhaps we could all agree a back up spotting site we could all use while the bugs get ironed out; dx summit for example.

My apologies for the down time today … currently working on it.

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OK, I just posted a spot for KE5AKL on DXSummit.fi

I put “SOTA” and his ref in the info box.

I think it worked! He sounds rather busy now =)

I have worked with the hosting provider to get the server moved to a completely different underlying VM since it seems there was some instability separate from the app itself. I am hoping this will now be stable.

Or GMAwatch :sunglasses:
It works all the time :slightly_smiling_face:

73, Mario 9A4MX (DJ2MX)

Thanks Jon! It looks good from here now.

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Thanks, Jon! Your work is much appreciated.

73, pat - KI4SVM

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