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Does your SW-3B behave like Iambic B? If I squeeze and let go I get an “r” where I’d normally expect an “a”. I find working with B type very confusing and I have to work my paddles as, if they were a single paddle key, because any attempts at squeezing give me addition errors.

I never analyzed this too much, but I am used to B (having used MTRs for a while, where I have no selection between A/B as in KX-series). I believe it is B.

There’s a SW-5B (or 6B) in the works…

Repackaged my kit-built MTR5b in a mint tin with clear plastic lid
…now weighs 120grams 5-bands 5W! ~ de wGOAT


Vaporware for now. They told me that they have no expected release date due to other more pressing projects that they are focused on.


I just discovered this same problem on a SOTA activation last weekend. I had been using EFLW (41 feet) via 9:1 UnUn to a KX2 , no problems tuning on bands 10-40m. I switched to using my SW-3B and maAT-10 tuner. No problem on 20m or 30m , tunes quickly. I tried 40m and as soon as I TX within a second the SW-3B stops transmitting so cannot tune wire. I added wire to 58 feet but same result. At first I suspected maAT-10 but checked at home on my 40m dipole and vertical and the SW-3B/maAT-10 combo works fine on 40m. So, I suspect RF from the EFLW getting back in to the radio is the issue. I have added several clip on ferrites to the RG174 patch leads between the 9:1 Unun, maAT-10 and SW-3B and will try it out on a summit next weekend and hopefully this will allow 40m operation. Will post results .


seen today for 104€ on ebay.de

Seems almost too good to be true … …

Seems almost too good to be true … …

It’s an auction so this is not the final price. The starting price was 1 EUR.