SW-025 22nd August

Hi All

Thanks to all you chasers that were listening for me from SW-025 last night, G3RMD, G0LGS, M3PXW and G0NES qualified the summit for me, and gave me considerable feedback and assistance. Apologies to those who were listening for me and I was unable to work. I did spend most of the time beaming more or less North - it was blowing half a gale and the aerial decided that for me!

Please can someone QSP my apologies to Steve AAV, had I known he was still there looking for me I would have tried putting up the HF antenna - in view of the failing light, the high wind and the fact that I’d got a bit of a scramble down a fairly treacherous gully to get off the hill I decided to give 60m a miss.

SW evening activations will be suspended for a couple of weeks now, but hope to be doing a few SE’s and perhaps SC’s - watch this space!

73 de Paul G4MD

In reply to G4MD:

Hi Paul, I’m in touch with Steve & Helen and will pass your message on, although no apology is required.

Steve just nipped back onto 60m at the end of his activation just in case you popped up as alerted, they were in tropical weather but they didn’t stay long so don’t worry about it whatsoever.

Well done on qualifying the summit Paul. Sorry I couldn’t hear you on 2m myself although I listened very hard on my vertical, I need just 6 more uniques for 1,000 and sw-025 would have been one of them, hi, not to worry, it’s still there for again, that’s the beauty of sota, you can’t win em all.

73 Mike GW0DSP

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I need just 6 more uniques for 1,000

Well, we’ll have to do something about that then Mike! Just thinking about what to do this weekend so would any of SS-074, SS-075, SS-082 or SS-100 be any of use?


In reply to MM0FMF:

Very kind of you Andy, those four summits would all be uniques for me.

Main problem is that I am supposed to be going to NP/LD with Barry M3PXW some time tomorrow and returning sometime on Saturday, but don’t know the times or if we are definately going yet.

I’ll be here all day Sunday for definite.

If all goes to plan (as if, this is sota, hi) there are 5 new ones on offer today, so have everything crossed, if I can do it by the end of this weekend it will have taken just 7 months of very dedicated chasing and I have enjoyed every second of it.

Apologies to Paul GW4MD for going off subject on your thread.

73 Mike

In reply to GW0DSP:

In reply to G4MD:

Hi Paul, I’m in touch with Steve & Helen and will pass your
message on,

Thanks very much Mike.

Sorry we didn’t make it, I’ll try and ensure I do get to use 60m on some of these smaller SW summits to give the further flung chasers a chance.

73 de Paul G4MD