Svalbard/JW SOTA activations

Hi all,
I am planning to do some activations in Svalbard over the course of next couple of days.
Will be posting details of the daily plan in this topic before departing for each hike. I am still doing some analysis and planning.


  • Yaesu FT857
  • Buddipole
  • ICOM ID-51(for local comms / safety purposes)


  • 20m/40m (with focus on 20m)

The conditions here are fairly good at the moment, little wind and temperatures relatively high, poor visibility.

I will share a tracking link for my garmin inreach, so you guys can see the progress live.

Will aim for 14300kHz / 7100kHz, please spot if/when you can hear me.



We will do a gear-test and snow-check hike to Bassen - JW/MS-036. Leaving in 30 minutes.

You can track my progress here.



We are turning back for now and will come back tomorrow or monday on a snowmobile, it is possible to get through a lot of the snow, and part of the valley this way it seems. This will be a lot quicker and safer.



On 14300 testing antenna.

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On ft8 on 20m for now. Will also be active on SSB from a local ham radio club on Tuesday.
Back to planning routes for Sunday :slight_smile:

More info soon.

So the plan for tomorrow is to research the options for climbing the following peaks:

  • Westbytoppane JW/MS-031

  • Habergnuten JW/MS-013

  • Karl Bayfjellet JW/MS-017

Until we reach the end of the valley there is no way to tell if these climbs will be possible. Tracking will be on, link above. Fingers crossed! :slight_smile:



14.300 14.310 anyone? :slight_smile:


Listening. In the noise faintly. CW??

Just seen this- I hear nothing from 14300 to 14310 kHz.

It looks like he is off the summit now based on his tracking. Perhaps on to the next?

Yes, managed few qsos on ssb. For some reason I got really poor reports. More details later, still out in the field. This is so much fun! :slight_smile:


I am on standby and waiting for the first spot to come up.

We are back in town. What a day! Unfortunately only one activation (MS-013), we were about 30m veritcal from activation zone of MS-028, but decided to return from the ridge… zero vis and steep ridge is apparently not fitting the typical couples holiday :smiley:
I will post more details later.

I’m really sorry I couldn’t pick up all the stations from the noise, I could hear few more stations but couldn’t get the whole callsign.

We will most likely be active again in the following week.



We did about 100km on snowmobiles and on foot in 12h yesterday, posting some pictures below.
Svalbard is SOTA activators paradise… while researching options for climbing one peak, you see an easy ascend for another!

The weather was great, very warm and no wind, unfortunately for the most of the afternoon the visibility above 800m was zero, so navigation was a bit difficult. It was in fact so bad on the approaches to both MS-013 and MS-028, that I had to throw snowballs in various directions just to see if the terrain is going up or down or if there is a drop of the ridge :smiley:
But now that we have tracked MS-028 almost all the way up, I may go back there and finish it some time this week :slight_smile:

On the peak - trying to figure out if we’re there yet :smiley:

On the way back, with slightly better visibility :wink:


There’s also a polar bear, a fridge and a Diamond X50 hidden in the picture. Can you spot them? :wink:


Hi, nice to see more activity on Svalbard!

Bit sad that condition were not optimal during your activation, my friend tried to chase you from the south of Norway, but no copy, normally I would expect good signals from Svalbard. I am back to Norway and also will try to chase you on the next summits.

Karl Bayfjellet JM/MS-017 can be tough to activate, because it lays in snowmobile restricted area, are you going to take a ski tour where?

73 de LB8CG.


Welcome to Svalbard and congrats on the activation of a new summit :clap::smile: But “Svalbard is SOTA activators paradise” … wouldn’t exactly say that… You are lucky that the weather is mild at the moment and the base of the summits are now accessible by snowmobiles. 90% of the year most of the summits are inaccessible due to freezing temperatures, avalanche danger, darkness, whiteout, steepness and the need for boat transport to the starting points of most summits in summertime. Not to mention polarbear danger and the need for a guide with polarbear protection if you’re not a local. And very often bad propagation… = No activation on Svalbard is easy, just saying :relieved:

Best regards & 73,


Thank you! :slight_smile:

I was trying to reach out through Peter to get in touch with you, to see if you want to collaborate :wink: couldn’t find contact details via qrz.

Weather is the deciding factor in all mountain activity, everywhere. But of course I understand and appreciate Svalabard weather uniqueness.
Of course it is not a coincidence that I am active here now, and not in jan/feb :smiley:

True, but just for the benefit of others - it is sufficient to prove firearm proficiency with the governor of Svalbard office, and with that it’s straightforward to get a local firearm permit (if you don’t own a EU one already), and rent a weapon. The cost of the permit is around 20EUR, rifle rental is 35EUR per day.

Yes, I have learned that after my initial planning, will probably skip that one.
I will do some ski touring too, but not with radio gear :smiley:


Out again today, no specific plans just yet, we will see what the conditions are.
With the propagation in the past few days I am considering FT8 for activations! :slight_smile:
Haven’t done that before in SOTA…

Will post more later.

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