SV/EP-039 joined activation

Last Saturday I had the pleasure of activating the SV / EP-039 summit together with (SOTA) old timers SV2NCH and SV2OXS.

The peak is located in the Eperus region in Greece, near the ski center of Vasilitsa.Our route begun from the ski center parking lot walking next to the lift, then following the ski slope and finally walking next to the ridge.

The last pine tree at 2050m, say “Cheese”!

After 2 hours of relaxed climbing we reached the summit with low air and light cloudy weather. Look at those happy people!

NCH ​​and OXS set up a D-loop antenna near the top landmark, I set up an inverted dipole at 25m away and the game begun!

Here I made my first attempt on digital modes on a summit, using an old netbook running a Lubuntu linux distro. I managed to make one JS8 conduct with SV1KYQ and one FT8 conduct with S55ES. Not big success, but certainly a good start!

At some point a cloud decided to pay us a visit, time for the raincoats!

Kind reminder to all (us) chasers: working conditions up there are not ideal, even if it is summer in Greece, so please give priority to S2S calls!

73 de Kosmas SV2SOQ


Hi guys, thanks for the report with photos. Looks like you had a great day. Well done. :grinning:

73 de Geoff vk3sq

Thank you, is was great indeed. Waiting forward for the next one :wink: