SV/AG-014 - Psara - Prof.Elias First Activation 14.9.2018

Psara is a nice and vy quiet Island with a big history.
i was with my sailing ship in marina of chios and waited for better condition for sailing to Psara. But next time only wind from north and heavy waves. So I decided to go by the small Ferry which is going in 4 hrs from Chios to Psara…
On Psara Weather nice (every time here), but on top a small head by cloud. But sometimes opend and I could see around.
Asked somebody to bring me and pick me to/from the mountains foot (from Psara abt 10 km).
Going up max 1 hrs, only abt 2 km but 400 up. Good way - others go with high wheel 4x4 up there are communication antennas on top.
I was there with

  • GFK mast 12m
  • Bazooka for 14060
  • PFR-3 from Hendricks
  • Pico Paddle from Palm
    SFI was 67…!!!
    I planned from 8 utc for 2 hrs.
    but after 1.5 hrs a engineer came up fixed something in the container and asked for help.
    ok - only 16 qso but i am vy satisfied.
    3 x HB9, 3 x PA, 3 x DL, 2 x R, 1 x F, 1 x OK, 1 x ON, 1 x I, 1 x UR7 - Oleg /MM - on trnsport vessel
    73 de erich

Thanks for the qso!

VY ok…
Next time I’ll go on Island Lesvos.
There are still 3 Summits waiting for first activation.

I am still in the marina on Chios with the boat. Heavy wind from north. Seems from Thursday is better and I can go north to Lesvos.