Suspended activation EB1CU/P EA1/BU-061

I want to apologize to all those colleagues who were waiting for my activation today announced EB1CU / P EA1BU-061
After touring an hour’s drive from my qth to the beginning of the mountain and then another hour to walk up to the summit when taxes begin to mount radio antenna and I realized I did not have the battery to power the radio had stayed in my qth.
I hope in a few days to activate


Andoni EB1CU

It must have hurt… :slight_smile:

Hau burua, Andoni!!!
Sentitzen dut

Ouch! That’s frustrating, whatever vital bit of kit comes after “the”…

In my case, “battery” and “microphone” have both featured in the past.

73, Rick M0LEP

I’ve done that too! SOTA- Brown Clee Hill (G/WB-002) 15th February 2013 - M0HCU

Even though it was only about 20 minutes from home, and a 25-30 minute stagger up the hill… couldn’t be bothered to go back and went with 2,5W SSB with the internal 817nd batteries with some quite surprising results.
I did forget the antenna once too…That was more of a problem! I just gave up that day!



oh, I see this is a common problem, so it must come to me one day… :wink:

I actually did have a “forget story”, but it was just a logbook, so I wrote on… the back side of a wrap-up packaging of some pills (I usually take a small first aid kit with me) - not so painful to remember then… battery - that would pain… :slight_smile:

Although I usually keep all my SOTA activation stuff inside and attached to my rucksack, so I make sure I’m taking with me everything I need just by grabbing my rucksack, I have also managed to forget some important things in a couple of activations.
First one it was the cable with the car lighter female socket I always connect my FT-817 car lighter male plug to the battery. Fortunatelly, with the help of a little screwdriver and my nails and teeth serving as a cutter to peel out the wires plastic cover, I managed to improvise a rudimentary connection to the battery pins.
Second one it was my winter coat. This happened just a few weeks ago and I had to carry out most of the activation shivering in cold.
Best 73 de Guru - EA2IF