Sunset on Seat Sandal

For one reason or another I’ve not really made the best use of the light evenings here in the Lake District this year, but I have at least made it up Seat Sandal G/LD-022 in the evening again for the third year in a row.

My fitness isn’t brilliant at the moment therefore the 45 degree incline on the direct ascent for Dunmail Raise was tackled in short bursts. Of course it took a lot longer than I remembered!

I’d brought the FT-817, SotaBeams Band Hopper IV, Spectrum Communications Slim-J and 10m compact pole. I lost a water bottle and gained a hat.

Initially I was getting high SWR on the Slim-J, need to look into that. The Band Hopper IV is also in need of a restring, but we muddled through. I had thought about doing CW but to be honest it was cold! The wind was biting and even with a fleece, jacket and hat I was still starting to feel it.

Trying not to do my usual shouting I started on 2m and great to get Ray G0TUE in the log over on Walney Island. Chris was quick off the mark on 20m but the only chaser on that band. 40m was S8 noise so not the best but a good chat with @M0RWX Robert who has definitely got the SOTA bug, and will be up on the Lakes again this weekend. Not worked 80m for ages so was really happy to hear the familiar voices of Geoff, Esther, Ian, Phil and Roger.

19:55 G0TUE/M 2m FM 59 59 Ray
19:56 G0MHF 2m FM 59 57 JOHN
19:58 G6AEK 2m FM 58 59 David
20:03 F4WBN 20m SSB 59 59 Christian
20:12 M0TKF/P 40m SSB 59 57 Roy
20:14 M0RWX 40m SSB 59 59 Robert
20:15 EA2CKX 40m SSB 59 57 PEDRO
20:18 PD2MKT 40m SSB 59 56 Mark.
20:22 GM4WHA 80m SSB 48 33 GEOFF
20:23 GI0AZA 80m SSB 59 59 Esther
20:24 GI0AZB 80m SSB 59 59 Ian
20:25 G4OBK 80m SSB 59 58 Philip
20:27 MW0IDX 80m SSB 59 57 ROGER

Photos came out really nicely and there is something very magical about sunsets from summits, and the view from Seat Sandal definitely takes in some majestic fells. The descent required the headtorch pretty much from the off to ensure good footing and I took it really easy descending back whence I came. Got back to Windermere about quarter to eleven!

Thanks to the chasers! Hoping to be out at the weekend.

Mark. M0NOM

All photos here.


We SOTA ops thinks we do it tough, but spare a thought for those who built them stone walls on the side of that hill. Great report.
vk5cz …


Legend has it that many were built by prisoners of war from the Napoleonic times. I dont mind if its not true, can’t imagine it is but it sounds good :slight_smile:

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Beautiful photos Mark. The day started a little damp. As I drove from Yorkshire to the Lakes there were a few spots on the windscreen but just as I passed the LDNP sign the heavens opened! Fortunately it was short lived although it was raining very slightly as I started by ascent of Stony Cove Pike G/LD-018. The weather got better and better and turned into a great day. Clearly the evening was even better.

Thanks for the chase on 20m.

73 Richard

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Nice one Mark! The photos are stunning. I love the panorama (last one).

I’ve been accused of being shouty on 2m. I think it’s from too much time spent on HF SSB attempting to get the meter to full scale!

73, Fraser

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Great reports & pics, Mark-and thanks for the points! 73 John.

Great report & photos Mark. Thanks for the QSO & chat. Hopefully we’ll have a S2S tomorrow in G/LD. 73, Robert

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In many parts of the Highlands these are known as “Starvation Walls”. Built by tenants of the Laird (the caring ones) during periods of famine to provide the tenants with a meagre income and prevent starvation. In many cases the walls were pointless having no real practical value.