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"Sunrise on Helvellyn"


As part of their 50th Anniversary celebrations the Mercian Mountaineering Club is holding a meet on the 8th to 10th June which will feature an overnight stay on the summit of Helvellyn to greet the sunrise. This is too good a chance to miss, so I have obtained the special event callsign GB5MMC and will be active on 2m and the LF bands overnight from the summit. The callsign is valid for a further two weekends in case the conditions are sufficiently fierce to prevent us from leaving the pub!

I know this has come up before but I cannot remember the outcome - for the Chasers will both days count for points?


Brian G8ADD




In reply to G8ADD:

for the Chasers will both days count for points?

The rules say that both days count, but I think it is still the case that the database will compute the score incorrectly if the QSOs are on different days local time but the same UTC day.