Sunday Nov21st - EE1URO/p from EA/LE-032

Hi all,
a group of ham ops from URO Ourense(, NW of Spain will try to activate ref. EA1/LE-032 Pico Vizcodillo…altitude: 2.127m
WX is not ok these days, but they will try this goal.It won´t be easy so it´s not sure they could get to the summit
Expeditioners are expert climbers…so there is a chance this activation can be achieved despite bad wx.
So look for EE1URO/p QRP this sunday nov 21st

That’s EA1/LE-032 in the database, apparently.

Good luck.

In reply to M6LEP:
this is the exact location:

there you can select the map you want to see

Let´s see tomorrow… It´s going to be hard stuff, wx is so bad!