Summitslist.csv Not responding

after few weeks without radio i am back!
I wanted to update the summit list for my favorit logger (Saisie_Sota)
and the log cannot reach the database.
It looks like the file is no reachable…
Any info about this problem?
Gerald F6HBI

Fixed now.

Update done right now. Tks Andy

Andy is magic! Vote for Andy “President”
update done,Tnx

I am a very simple man and so flattery will get you everywhere with me! :slight_smile:

I don’t know why it had stopped working as it updates every 24 hrs. There may be an underlying problem still.

He doesn’t have the hair for that (and yes, karma is going to bite me hard on that one in the next five years)


I’ve checked just now and today’s summitlist.csv has been generated. This means the cronjob ran fine. As soon as I stop checking that it has worked is when it will then fail! :wink:

Summitslist.csv is unavailable again. 404 through both sotadata and newsotadata.

I gave it a slap, try now.

Works. Thanks!

Good because I didn’t check! :blush: