Summits near Denver Tech Center area

Can anyone recommend summits within reasonable distance from the Denver Tech Center area? I expect to be staying in that area for several days, and may have time for 1 or more activations. I will have a car. Thanks for your ideas.

73 Paula k9ir

Use the force Luke!

Paula, use the mapping site. You can get it to show all the summits within a certain range of a city etc.

Just click the link at the top of every thread to get to SOTA maps site.

Andy’s advice is good. Using the mapping site I quickly found a summit within a 30-minute drive (WØC/FR-Ø92)

Andy, thanks very much. I wasn’t aware of the mapping function :wink: - very nice!

73 Paula k9ir

Hi Paula,
Here is a list of local peaks we suggest to people visiting Denver as a starting point – which means relatively easy hikes and not much altitude gain. The peaks get harder, higher and farther away from there!


Good luck and feel free to reach out to me if you need more info. My email is listed on

73, Brad

If you have an Android smart phone there is an app called sotta finder that shows summits around your location.

Thanks, Tom. I downloaded it to my Droid and will see what it shows when I’m in the Denver area.

73 Paula k9ir

Thank you very much, Brad. While I consider myself in pretty good shape, I am a flatlander in the area for only a few days, So summits with modest elevation gains would be prudent! Will let you know if I have any questions.

73 Paula k9ir