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Summits in DM/HE


could I please just remind you to answer my question of 15/04/2015.
You have been so fast in closing my tread, that I thought I will get the answer a bit faster.

Vy73 de Fritz HB9CSA / DL4FDM


in your todays (April 15th 2015) statement I can read about under P100-summits in DM.
As the regional-manager of Hessen (DM/HE) I have changed all summits into P100 as wished in 2008.

It would be interesting for me to know if any and if yes which summits in my region Hessen (DM/HE) are not within P100.

Mni tnx in advance and vy73 de Fritz DL4FDM (HB9CSA)

Fritz, Jim G0CQK has been in touch with me, he’s away from his computer today and only has limited access to the web. He says he has emailed about this but has not yet had a reply.

I’m posting this now as Jim is not in a position today to follow this up with you, but will do as soon as he can.

After you and Walter DK1BN raised the issue on the reflector. Walter emailed me. I commented that based on SRTM DEM analysis there are summits in almost all regions that appeared not to be P100 but that we know the limitations of that. In his email Walter said that he had supporting data for P100 summits in SR, RP, NW & HE. I invited him to send me that data so that summits in those four regions that confirmed that summits are at least P100 so that they remain. However I have received no reply to that. The maps to which we have access are unlikely to be as good as those that you have available so any supporting data that can be provided to us will be helpful. Otherwise we simply have to use what we have available.

Can I just ask if any “mass” changes are expected between now and end of September. I’m going to be in DM/BM, OK/PL, OK/JC and possibly OE/OO and OO/NO.

I’ve started planning so I don’t want to make lots of route and summit choices now etc. if there are widespread changes expected. I’ll leave it to closer to the date if needed, but I hate being last minute.

Hi Gerald,
Changes in OE will only take effect at the end of 2015. Let me know when you are OE/OO, I might be able to help you planning any summit activations there. We are located in the Linz area.

73, Sylvia

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Thanks, will definitely be in touch.