Summit to Summit Award

It appears I failed to post the following summary of the rules for the new S2S award. This will be loaded onto the SOTA website when time is found!! Meanwhile you can find them at

The rules are as follows:

  1. The award will be scored by taking the sum of the points value of the activated summit and the chased summit
  2. The rules for activators will apply to the activated summit score i.e. the summit may be scored only once per calendar year. If subsequent activations take place from the same summit in the calendar year only the chased summit score will count for the award
  3. Only the points value of the activated summit will be counted, summer or winter bonuses will not be included as they are already used for activator awards.
  4. The rules for chasers will apply to the chased summit i.e. the summit may only be counted for the award once per day.
  5. Commencement date 1 February 2013 to allow for modifications to the database to collect the relevant information. S2S prior to this date will not be counted
  6. Only cross-matched entries will count for the award. If an activator does not enter their activation into the database, or your S2S contact does not match then it will not be included in the scoring
  7. The database will be revised so that summit to summit contacts can be indicated
  8. Award qualifying points values are 250, 500, 1000, 2500 and 5000. Additional endorsements will be available for 10000 and upwards.

M0FMF is on Shining Tor in winter (2+3pts) and Tom M1EYP, Jimmy M0HGY and Richard G3CWI are on Gun (1pt)

M0FMF Scores:
M0FMF → M1EYP 5 Activator, 1 Chaser, 3 S2S
M0FMF → M0HGY 0,0,0
M0FMF → G3CWI 0,0,0

repeat activation 1 day later, same scenario:

M0FMF → M1EYP 0 Activator, 1 Chaser, 1 S2S
M0FMF → M0HGY 0,0,0
M0FMF → G3CWI 0,0,0

For the other party on Day 1
M1EYP → M0FMF 1 Activator, 2 Chaser, 3 S2S
M0HGY → M0FMF 1 Activator, 2 Chaser, 3 S2S
G3CWI → M0FMF 1 Activator, 2 Chaser, 3 S2S

Day 2
M1EYP → M0FMF 0 Activator, 2 Chaser, 2 S2S
M0HGY → M0FMF 0 Activator, 2 Chaser, 2 S2S
G3CWI → M0FMF 0 Activator, 2 Chaser, 2 S2S

So M0FMF S2S score for Day 1 is 3 points and for Day 2 is 1 point

If M0FMF were to move from Shining Tor onto The Cloud (1 point) on Day 1 he would score as follows:

M0FMF → M1EYP 1 Activator, 0 Chaser, 2 S2S
M0FMF → M0HGY 0,0,0
M0FMF → G3CWI 0,0,0

For the other party on Day 1
M1EYP → M0FMF 0 Activator, 1 Chaser, 1 S2S
M0HGY → M0FMF 0Activator, 1Chaser, 1 S2S
G3CWI → M0FMF 0 Activator, 1 Chaser, 1 S2S


Barry GM4TOE
SOTA Awards Manager

In reply to GM4TOE:
No apologies needed, Barry, as that was your first mistreak.
Elliott, K6ILM
Mulligan Man

In reply to GM4TOE:

A copy of the above S2S award rules has now been inserted in the Awards section of the February SOTA News.

SOTA News Editor

In reply to GM4TOE:
I find it very good to start from the scratch. Makes the competition fair (and yes I know SOTA is not primarily a competition).
Ruda OK2QA

In reply to GM4TOE:

Nice add to the award scheme, thanks!
Just uploaded my first S2S entry and I’m wondering if the confirmations (*) are supposed to work? Miroslav OK1DVM has also uploaded his log with our QSO, the only thing I see that the time in his log is 15:33 and I have 15:34 in mine, but I think there was some tolerance for matching the entries (at least for the regular chaser log).

73 Marek EI7KH

In reply to EI7KH:

I was sure I’d posted a note about confirmations but I can’t find it now. The short answer is no. The log period select and confirmations are not yet active. In the meantime if you check in your chaser log section you’ll also see your S2S QSO without the activation data. If the activator has entered his side of the QSO then you should see a confirmation * visible in that page. You just have to remember that an S2S QSO is a chase QSO with extra bits of data. You can see the extra bits in the S2S log!

The confirmation check is a bit crude and checks date, call and freq only. I don’t think it checks the time and mode. It’s a very expensive set of database ops so the less checked the quicker it runs. I should really change it from an “on the fly” calculation to one that runs when the database is quiet and builds up a static table on confirmations. That would make confirmations the default and uber-fast. On the todo list with that then.