Summit Report"View" hotlink not linked?

On the Summit Report page, the hotlink assigned to the “View” page has lost its connection. Don’t know if its just me? Is this link good for other folks?

Thanks, Guy/n7un

Guy, can you post a URL where this is broken so we can check things?

I start at SOTA Database then choose any summit “to find”, e.g. w4v/sh-027. This brings up the Summit Report page where the “View” link for “Extra Info” is grayed out. No way to get to the Extra Info via this link.

There is a backdoor. By clicking on the “Map”, you can then click on the hotlink on the SOTA Mapping Page for this summit which then takes you to the “Extra Info” page.


Oh yes, it’s all borked. I’ll see what I broke when I added multi language support.

Sorted. Rather too much cutting when fixing the URL for Sotamaps a while back.

Trivially easy to fix since I started using git at home to maintain the source code repositories for the database, SMS spotter and cluster. A quick “git log -p …” showed the two lines deleted in error. All fixed now.