Summit Reference Confusion on W6/CT-158, 06/12/2020

Sunday I activated summit 4020, W6/CT-158, without creating an alert before leaving home.
The cell coverage was spotty. When I finally was able to log in to SOTL.AS the the summit reference box would not accept W6/CT-158. I made a few spots with the W6/CT-225 reference plus a note explaining the true summit as W6/CT-158.
A few chasers missed the note and logged me on CT-225.
Apologies for the confusion. Of course, the app worked fine when I got home.

As I typically do I was running my KX3 at 5 watts. Lately I have been using either a 59’ wire connected to the radio via a double banana to BNC adapter or a 44’ doublet made of CAT5 twisted pair connected the same way. One or two B’n’M BW6 poles are the antenna supports.

By the way, 4020 is very close to Contract Point, or Contractor’s Point, where I participated in Field Day as a new General class licensee back in high school (early 70s). Two of my long time friends, N5OT and N6TR, were there.
Ah, memories.

David N6AN