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Summit map?

Hi, On my last computer I had a sota summit map.
Swopped machines and now I can’t find the link.
Any ideas???

In reply to G1STQ:

Is this the one you mean?



Brian G8ADD

In reply to G8ADD:
Thanks Brian - thats the one.
You must have been sitting on your computer to reply so quickly.
Much appreciated.
As I cannot get out today, just sitting here and thinking of a Christmas Day activation somewhere.
Bit sad I suppose, but Jill is at work and we have no kids.
I wonder if I will get any chasers?

In reply to G1STQ:

Another site you can try John is www.hill-bagging.co.uk - This allows 1:50k scale on OS map!!!

In reply to 2E0XTL:
Thanks for that… I’ll go and have a look :slight_smile: