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Summit Lists?

Hello am I missing something or has the list of summits gone from the SOTAwatch page. I don’t see it on my screen.
Ian vk5cz …

Hi Ian, I went to look up a summit this afternoon and noticed it was missing. My guess, it’s something to do with the change over.

73 Mike

Per GM4ZFZ, temporary link to summit list while new website is under construction is:

73 Rich N4EX

cheers Everyone thanks for the info.
Not critical for me yet just noticed it missing.
Ian CZ ee

Hi Ian, and others,
use the link on the database page - http://sotadata.org.uk/summitReport.aspx for summit info. That data is accurate, I have found the SOTAWatch page is not always 100% correct or up to date of late.

It’s the SOTA home page that is being moved to the new web server at the moment I believe, I’m not sure if that affects SOTAWatch or not.

73 Ed.