Summit list data display

Still missing from the summit list (one gets when requesting summits within a certain radius of a set of coordinates) … I would REALLY really appreciate have an indicator of whether I have activated this summit, during this calendar year. If I am logged on, the computer knows me and has my data, and can easily check it. There are so many ways the indication might be given, for example, the “code” for the peak at present is displayed in blue. The code for the peak might be displayed in green if it has not, and red if it has been activated by me this year.


  • 73, Fred KT5X (aka WS0TA)

The problem Fred is there isn’t one computer involved but many and so there’s more to this than meets the eye at first glance.

Roger, tnx, appreciate you even thinking about how it might happen - fd

Hi Fred,
Perhaps ths is a question for the Sota Mapping Project developer rather than it being specific to the summits list in the database or SOTAWatch? With your reference to summits within a radius perhaps you are already looking at the data though SMP?

Perhaps this feature even already exists there - I keep finding new things that are in the SMP that I didn’t realise were there!

Of course the SOTAWatch display of summit data gives you the “activated by you on: dd/mm/yy” entry but that’s in the data for an individual summit and you want to see which summits you have not yet activated in a region I believe.

73 Ed.

Hi Fred,
I asked this very question to Rob recently and he answered that he needs access to database, which apparently is not something he can be easily given at the present time.
Here is a link to that specific thread:

Question for Andy @MM0FMF and Rob @DM1CM : I wonder whether a backup copy of the full SOTA database could be placed somewhere with a daily copy of it being programmed so Rob’s SMP application would work with this backup copy without putting at risk the real good data in the main SOTA database.
People using it would have to bear in mind that the data wouldn’t be 100% updated and there would be a one day delay, which I think we all will be able to live with.
Best 73 de Guru

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Guru, we - that is Andy and I - actually had such a system running in the first half of 2014, and it was the basis for the SMP “activations” page which users here may remember. The data source as provided by Andy was a one-off snapshot of the SOTA database, and was not subsequently updated or refreshed with newer data. Only Andy can say why those data were left “unattended”, but the result was that the activations page could only show results which gradually ceased to be relevant: which is why the page was eventually removed from the SMP.

That’s ancient history almost - we are now thankfully approaching a “new age” in the provision of data by SOTA, following the recent announcement made here in the Reflector by Jon GM4ZMZ of the new SOTA API. This is a system which allows access to the SOTA data while keeping the database itself safely out of reach. I actually had my first chance yesterday to make my first tests of that system, and I was impressed by the speed of response to requests for data. Of course, it’s early days yet, and Jon admits that he still has some work to do to in order to bring his system to a state where it can be regularly used by third-party developers.

But when the new API does go live, the SMP will then be in a position to re-activate the activations page (and others which had been in the planning), and provide up-to-the-minute mapping of activations. In addition, features such as that requested by Fred KT5X in this thread - and by a lot of others who have approached me in the past with the same, or similar requests - will be achievable. It just requires time, close collaboration with Jon and, of course, a modicum of patience on our side.


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