Sum qrp next activations

hi all,
the next weeks i will go out QRP only . another part of my hobby :slight_smile:
in moment i make a bit dx on the higher bands with bigger antennas and qro
outside my sota activity.
i also love the pure lightweigt/homebrew equipment and to see whats possible
with qrp and wire antennas. sota also can be nice as a qrp´er with only my rucksack with a light 3ah slab and halfwave wires inside.a good and nice break
from my 17,2Ah SLAB :wink:
with my qrp rucksack i can walk 1 or 2 hours without any problem.
and its much easier to build antenna tuners for qrp :wink:
also i will count my qso for the KM-QRP challenge de F8BBL…

if i´m qro next activations i will spotlite that.

another big problem is :-),
i use now a elecraft K2 with optimized Filters for CW.
if you are not transceive like some of the chasers and call abt. 300Hz
up or down my qrg…i don´t hear you if i don´t use my rit in this
moment. ok, normal i use a 800Hz Filter, but if too much qrm i go to
a very sharp 300Hz Filter and with this inside i hear nothing that is
300 Hz away.and there are a few chasers who calling abt. 300-400Hz away from
my qrg.
the big plus of this is, that i now can work a s1-3 station on 7031.5 with a bis signal/pile up at the same time on 7032khc without any was not possible before with my 857…

so a few weeks of qrp next time with good ears :slight_smile:
pse try also 14058 next weeks. in one of my last activations i worked
GM4FAM on many higher bands from 20 to 10mrs with good signals …

vy 73 Klaus DF2GN