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Suggestion for SOTAwatch pages

Can I make a request/suggestion for the SOTAwatch pages.

All of the main useful pages:
Post new Spot
Post new Alert

Have the same title:

It would be cool to tweak the HTML titles of each to be unique.


That seems like a constructive suggestion Steve! Let’s see what Jon GM4ZFZ (our websmaster) thinks.

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That would mean that spots and alerts would no longer be displayed on the same page?

I’m not suggesting any changes to urls or function of any of the pages. Only what text is displayed in the browser tabs, to make it easier to identify the right tab.

I’m planning on activating today and using my surface pro 3 to log, and keep an eye on the spots. I’ll also keep open a tab for self spotting when I change bands, plus I’ll have an eye on the summits.fi website. Will make things easier to identify the tabs quickly.

That is clear now, thanks!