Successful Activation W1/NL-001, Mt. Shaw

Hi guys! Thanks for taking the time to check in yesterday. Although I’m not planning on submitting activation reports for every hill I climb I thought it would be appropriate this time because this is the first moderate hike of my 2022 season.

Mt. Shaw is a 7 mile round trip hike and the summit elevation gain is approximately 2340 feet. The trail was fairly bare as I made my way up but that gave way to snow as I approached the summit. It was windy and cold but I guess that’s to be expected in New England this time of year.

I worked 37 chasers mostly split between 20 CW and 2 Meter FM. Stations on the west coast were loud as well as a several from EU. Chris (F4WBN), Jose (EA7GV), Ghis (F6CEL) and Frid (DL1FU) all made the log but there were a few others that I just couldn’t pull out.

It saddens me to say I didn’t hear my friend Guru. He was always one of the first EU chasers to seek me out. He’ll be greatly missed. God bless my cherished friend.