Success at Last! KOM/SE-003 1110 Minnesota

A beautiful day in Minnesota to be outside activating a summit, sunny and 35 degrees, with a slight breeze. I tore off my layers as the sun was like a heat wave radiating off of the snow in the woods. It took me 20 minutes to set up, spotted myself, then realized it was the wrong summit (SE-004 1070), I was on SE-003 1110. I sent the correct spot with my frequency at 18.162, called CQ and bang, a rush of call signs, I ended up logging six stations, best DX was F4WBN from across the pond France.
I was running my FT-818 with LDG Z817 tuner and a dipole 21 feet up as an inverted V, I feel this is a good omen for the rest of 2023, making a plan for more summits in Minnesota, Wisconsin and a west trip this summer.
Thanks and 73,
Russ de W0LMS


Tnx for the QSO and nice report, Russ! Looks like a beautiful winter day in MN.

73 de Jonathan “JB”

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Thank you for the QSO, I looked at my log this afternoon, and I activated the same summit last year but fell short of the four QSO’s to get a point, awesome to get it finally. :grinning:

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