Submitting Activation Log Error

I’m new to SOTA and haven’t logged before so I may be doing it wrong, but when I go to submit my first SOTA activation on, I get the error message:

Submit Activation Log

An error occurred while uploading your activation: [object Object]

Upload another log

Any assistance would be appreciated!

From the FAQ


Q. Whom should I contact if I have a problem using any of the SOTA facilities or understanding any of the rules?

A. If you go to the SOTA website and go to the About SOTA page, you will find a list of members of the MT and their areas of responsibility within SOTA, each member has a contact button so that you can send them an e-mail.

Also you will need to make the log file available as without the file, nobody can seriously help. It will probably be something simple that is easy to overlook.

Thanks for the help! I’ll reach out and hopefully find an answer.