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Sub-optimal conditions

Well I brought 2 batteries for this weekend in the Lakes. However I’ve had a power lead failure that is beyond the ability of my penknife to rectify. So I’ll be on the internal battery for as long as it holds out tomorrow. (No of course I didn’t bring the charger for it. Why would I? I brought 2 external batteries :smirk:).

Oh, and I seem to be reaching the end of life for my 7m pole. I should be able to keep it together (with periodic re-erections) for tomorrow. I shall miss the regular, “what’s that you’re carrying”. I shall have to find a replacement.

If you need anything and you’re near Windermere I’d be very happy to help @G6PJZ Andy.
I’ve just bought a powerpole crimper, if you’re not a convert I can make you one.
In all weekend.

That’s very kind Mark. It’s the positive power pole on the lead that’s gone. I’ll pm you

Sounds like the joints are the problem. I refinish mine with a thin coat of epoxy and a light rub down with sand paper. Yes, I know - I spend too much time in Scotland! :grinning:

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Thanks Gerald. I might try some clear nail varnish (when she’s not looking).