Struggled for 4 and a very boggy summit

GW/NW-073 Mynnyd-Rhyd-Ddu 15th November 2009

Just a quick report:

I used this easy 1 pointer just to give my less sore heal a small test before a couple of 2 pointers next week.

Used Richards park spot finding room for one car just off the side of the track,heading up PROW path to fence and then not sure if PROW or not but a very wide quarry road with very large vehicles on it proceeded to top and spotted Trig just beyond wall and fence.

I Was going to shelter in large rocks formation but decided to go closer to trig and hide from rain and wind behind the wall.

Set up and rain had gone for the moment, breaks in the cloud allowing Elaine to get a couple of photos in the camera. (See Flicker) calling for wht seems like forever (20 mins) before G0TRB finally come back for 1st in log. Qrz calling again for about 5 mins before Geoff 2W0BTR/P asking if frequency was clear got him in log with Nice S2S while he was on MW-017. Richard G4ERP gave me 4th before I let Geoff have 320 while I went to see if FM 2M would be any better. no calls back after 10 mins so set up 6m dipole and The Magic Band was not doing its stuff either today.

Did hear My Old Mate G4USW but could not swap reports as he couldn’t hear me Sorry Bill!!

Overall Very easy ascent to top,albeit boggy from all the wet stuff we had here for a few weeks.

Thanks for those to contacted me up there just 4 in the log but at least I got an S2S !!!



In reply to 2E0LAE:

Thanks for the QSO this morning, Tony. It was definitely a good QSO and of course you came up louder after we signed.

I spotted your shift to FM. Sorry you didn’t get any more takers but at least you had the magic 4.

That track BTW seems well used. When I was up there several 4X4s arrived and the occupants got out their paragliders. I think it’s a local club. I bet there were none up there today.

73, Richard

In reply to G4ERP:

Hi Richard, The pleasure was all mine, as you made the magic 4 in the log!!

That section across the plateau seems to be full of quarry vehicles and there was a compound about 200 metres further past the Trig so it looks like works have begun to quarry again up there as the OS map says it is a disused quarry??

Definitely no one else up there today,never even seen a vehicle on the narrow roads from the main road.

My heel test was positive no pain tonight after an easy activation, so planning 4 WB’s next week now instead of 2 , although two of them are a “doddle” Im fast approaching 100 uniques activator points so they will come in handy!

Thanks again for 4th call!!