Strange view on upcoming activations

Since few hour I can read all references like that -

Mon 13:00 EA5INS/P on EA5/EA5/CS-039 14-ssb,7-ssb
Time aprox. +/- (Posted by EA5INS)
Mon 13:00 GM7PKT on GM /GM/SS-219 145-fm,144-ssb
Time depends on previous hill. (Posted by GM7PKT)
Mon 14:00 N1ZF on W8V/W8V/PH-007 5.332-cw,7.063-cw,10.113-cw,14.063-cw
18.093-cw (Posted by N1ZF)

Long delay echoes?:wink:

Maybe :grinning: but you don’t find the reference by clicking on the link

There is ongoing work to roll out the new SOTAwatch and I would hazard a guess this is a side effect of that work.

Thank you Andy

Hi Eric,
I haven’t got that double prefix view on the summits ref. but I’ve experienced several drops down of the SOTAwatch page this morning. Just like this:

and I guessed there were some maintenance works going on.


Sorry folk … have sorted that little bug!