Storm Eva

Just arrived at the parking spot for The Cloud G/SO-015. So has Storm Eva. I’m sat here in the car contemplating things. I’ll still get up there and activate, but just on 2m FM with the handheld. No HF, no SOTA Challenge and no rucksack! Get your radios monitoring 145.500 folks!

It whistled through the hills above Belfast last night! Quite a rough crossing yesterday evening - never seen (or heard) so many poorly people.

She whistled her way through Cornwall last night.
Blue skies are returning and brought lot of rain too.
And he has blown through.

So blue skies are on way to you too


On the way to Beacon Batch g/sc-003 - like Tom may be VHF only unless it improves!

Well, made 3 contacts from the summit on 2m FM. Strangely, then there was no further response at all to my CQ calls. Well there wouldn’t be would there? Unbeknownst to me, the VX7 had run out of charge. I wouldn’t mind but I’m sure I charged it up in September.

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Crikey, you’ll have to check that battery!

Sunshine, brisk wind and the occasional shower rattling through, great walking weather and here is me still wrapping prezzies and recovering from 'flu!