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Storm Brendan

I was teaching in a school in Stoke-on-Trent North today - just like the old days. So just like the old days, I took a change of clothes with me and the intention to activate The Cloud G/SP-015, and possibly Gun G/SP-013 on the way home.

As I parked on Cloudside, it was lashing down and blowing a gale. I baled out and went home for my tea.

Problem is I’m still 6000 steps light of my daily target on my Fitbit step counter. So I’ll need to go out and do those two hills later this evening. Fortunately it will then be dry, but the winds will be horrendous.

I just hope the chasers can hear me above the noise!


Something like this is needed…


Ideal for use while “activating” a local summit from the comfort of the shack :rofl:


My mates in the pub mentioned something like this. What they - and you - fail to take into account is that the Fitbit watch also measures your pulse and uses that in the calculation of how many calories you’ve burned!

Might be less exciting but use a gym - at least it will be warm & dry

My “gym” is motivational and picturesque. It is also free. Admittedly it doesn’t have central heating - or a roof…

Anyway, I might just have to link this to one of the “2m FM is alive and well” threads. What a stunning night on the hills!

Monday night. No UKACs or FMACs. No SOTA or other activity events. No openings or lift conditions. No FT-817 and no MFD or SOTA Beam. And no daylight… :wink:

However … with just a handheld, and a rubber duck:

The Cloud G/SP-015: 2029 to 2057 UTC - 16 QSOs

Gun G/SP-013: 2129 to 2147 UTC - 20 QSOs

I’m really trying to make this harder for myself, honest I am, by avoiding activity, good conditions, proper gear etc, but still it gets easier and easier…

Home now and listening to my son Liam’s weekly radio show on 102.8MHz FM:



But it does have showers :wink:

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It did. That was precisely why I abandoned my original intention of a late afternoon activation and returned out once Coronation Street was in full flow.

Just sitting here wondering how you manage to avoid getting an RF burn off that 400W handheld. :grinning:


I notice the radio station link has had a few clicks, but of course you won’t get last night’s particularly good (for lovers of top-end rock and original music) Late Night Liam show - as it will go straight to the current live output of the station (Canalside Radio).

However - all is not lost. Liam has an archive of his shows here: http://liamreadband.co.uk/ (click on ‘Radio’) - and the specific show is #36. If you listen to it and enjoy it, please do feedback via studio@canalsideradio.net That then allow’s @M1EYP’s son / @M0HGY’s brother the chance to find his radio hobby as rewarding as we do ours!!

Anyway, my handheld SOTA activation this morning on Gun G/SP-013 solicited just a single QSO. VHF is alive and well. VHF is dead and buried…

The Rent-a-Chaser phone line must have come down in the storm!

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Just another of the mysteries of IO83 square!

Walt (G3NYY)

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The only thing about IO83 is that … as recently illustrated, all the evidence suggests IO82 is even better! That’s where you live isn’t it Walt @G3NYY (and Brian @G8ADD)?

Well the local branch of Rent-a-Chaser in Birmingham is offering free balti flavoured pizza for employees that can make a hundred contacts with you in 2020.:wink:


Well I have “received constructive advice” that I will be dropping off and picking up Liam tonight as opposed to putting in a full stint in the 70cm FMAC and UKAC. As this evening coincides with the ongoing Storm Brendan, I cant say I’m as disappointed as I might normally expect to be. Toys remained in pram at least.

Nonetheless, I do hope to catch the tail end of the 70cm FMAC on my handheld from Cloud summit, then I’ll switch to 2m and try my luck again there. I am not anticipating a repeat of last night’s remarkable (even for IO82/83) performance but the wonder of radio is that “you never know”…

And I didn’t get a repeat. No, it was even better.

G/SP-015 - 1934 to 2043z - 27 QSOs

70cm FM: 12 QSOs
2m FM: 12 QSOs
2m C4FM: 3 QSOs

S2S: Simon G7WKX/P on Billinge Hill G/SP-017 - 70cm FM

Loads of comments of surprise about the distances being reached with strong signal and excellent audio from my handheld with rubber duck. The Yaesu FT70D truly is an outstanding rig.

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