Stiperstones, 28th December

Nearly 4 years since I did Beacon Hill in Feb 2005 - but the 817 appeared from a mound of boxes in the loft a week or two ago, just desperate to be used again. I managed to exhume quite a lot of kit from the same pile. Unfortunately, the gelcell batteries are largely scrap, and I can’t find the lightweight beam or poles, but Stiperstones (G/WB003) had to be done for old times sake. A whip, and a poorly battery did the biz on a very cold morning - great to be rescued before battery death by Dave, 2E0BYA and M3SFN, about to do WB001/2/3

I hope to improve my antennas and batteries, to reach the Bham crew, who seem to be around still (?). Won’t be as frantic as before, but I will be tootling around the local ones.

In reply to M0DEV:

Welcome back! The Birmingham conurbation is still good for at least four contacts - or it will be when my new rotator arrives!


Brian G8ADD

Hi Mark,

Great to hear from you. FB to have your callsign /P back on the SOTA hills.

73, Tom M1EYP