Stats for summits activated for the first time

There was a topic way back when with a discussion about awards/points for being the first to activate a summit. Now, like then, I don’t think that there should be more points for being the first, although I do think (and might be working on on my own as time allows) some type of recognition for guys/gals who are the first to activate certain numbers of summits.

Of course, I have no expectation that the volunteers that do a wonderful job of keeping all these SOTA sites going, are going to create an award because I think there should be one. What I would like to see, if possible, is a category on the SOTA page where people can see how many summits people were the first to activate, much like they can see, points, S2S, uniques etc.

I just think, probably because it is an aspect of SOTA that I enjoy, that stats for first summit activations are overlooked.


Hi Mike,
What you ask for is not difficult to include but is it really needed? Too much choice makes this harder to find in the menus.

A user can easily find the info their self through the database with a couple of selections in the drop down menu.

Maybe someday it will appear bit I think it will be away down the list of to do’s.

73 Neil


I have never found a way to look at the data that Mike want’s in the database. Can you detail how I can get/see that data?



Hi Pete,

I must apologise I got it wrong. :blush: I was sure it could be done. I was nearly right though.

I was reading this thread on my phone and misread the actual request. After trying very hard to solve it I had to give up and admit defeat. The closest I could get was to show the last activations by a specific activator not the first ones. I know it can be done but Andy holds the key to that data which we as a user can only access one at a time.

You can however if an activator has activated summits that he/she has activated and they are the only person to have activated search for those but as I say it isn’t exactly what was asked.

But as I first mentioned AndyFMF can do it but personally I think the Results list is getting a bit on the large size in its current format. Perhaps a reorganised menu would help. I can just hear Andy heaving a huge sigh with the thought of more work wanting done.

Sorry again if I got you excited about having a solution. :wink:

73 Neil

No problem. I won’t burden Andy with another request at this time…but it would be nice to see the data…HI HI



Maybe one day the data will be listed. I actually think it is a cool stat to see.


There are two ways to find this data. You can use the database and view the history view of a summit. That shows a list of activators and the date with the newest at the top. It is guaranteed that the bottom of the list will be the real first activation. For others in the list, if there are multiple activations on the same day, then the order is order data is found not time based. Or you can go to the SOTA website and view the history for a summit and the 1st activator is shown.

What there isn’t is a way to get a list of activators who have a “first activation” in their logs. There are several reasons for this. One is simply that it’s not been written. The next is that it is possibly depressing and disenfranchising for someone new to SOTA to find that they can’t get any “first activations” because their country has been active for 10 years and all the summits have been done many, many times. They would have to make a significant effort possibly to get a first. It’s easy in many newer associations, certainly Alaska & North America have gazillions of unactivated summits, but not so much in Western Europe.

I blow hot & cold about first activations. Sure I like to get them… I have many GM first activations, 2 x CT3 first activations, 3 x EA8 first activations and 1 x W6 first activation. I also have a 1st ever activation of association for W6 and CT3.

Can you remind me whether it is “first to activate” or “first to qualify”? Logic tells me it should be “first QSO” but I can’t remember whether we agreed that.

First QSO Martyn. I do a search for every QSO logged for say GM/WS-001 ordered by date and time to find the first QSO and having found the oldest QSO I look up the activator from that QSO. I could do the same selection from the logs and find the fourth QSO for first qualified by, an interesting idea.

Personally I consider a summit HASN’T (still virgin :bird: ) been activated till an Activator has made the required 4 QSO’s. They should be given the honour of first activation for having stuck with it/fore planned to achieve it - but of course taking safety issues into consideration.

Jack (;>J