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Start of November HF band conditions and peoples current experiences with contacts

From Southgate News - expect bad HF radio conditions on Saturday! 

Sunspot AR2443 erupted yesterday, producing a CME that could deliver a glancing blow to Earth’s magnetic field on Nov. 7th.

G1-class geomagnetic storms and high-latitude auroras are possible when the CME arrives this weekend.

Visit http://spaceweather.com for more information.


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Dr. Tamitha Skov is my “go to” source for solar info.



It’s conspiracy I tell you! I work all week and then this!

Agreed on Dr. Tamith Skov, she is great!

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Now matter what it brings
Ears on, Mic at ready
And if i can hear them i will call them


Its a “glancing blow” that is forecast, the last glancing blow had little effect. Sunspot 2443 is decaying now so things should quieten down a bit, but a bright patch of corona on the limb suggests another active region will rotate into view soon, to keep the SFI highish this weekend for the contesters!


Brian, all you need is a nice flowered frock & a wig, then you`d give Dr Tamitha a run for her money :wink:


Thanks for the report Dr Tamitha, very interesting and full of relevant information. We should encourage our nightly news to give a report on solar activity in with the weather report.
ian vk5cz …

You’ve been peeping!

I found this solar weather news very interesting.
I’d like to see it on the TV news too.
Should that happen, I wonded wheather TV watchers astonishment would reach 99.5% or 99.9% ha,ha,ha!

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Oh no which contest is THIS weekend?

There should be a contest free section on each band IMHO and those straying into it be disqualified from the contest. Running QRP with some much QRM is a real pain at times.


Apparently the US government are starting to take the possible impact of a big solar storm seriously. Loss of all communications, data and voice along with GPS in todays world, could have real constéquences.


I don’t know, Ed, but it seems that every weekend there is a contest somewhere!


PS I think it is the CW Sweepstakes weekend.

Oh, great! Kp is six this morning, just what we want for the weekend - not!

Critical frequency not looking good UK-wise.

This is not the result of the CME from the solar flare, by the way,but an elevated solar wind speed from a coronal hole that opened up a few days ago. There is another one that has opened up, described by spaceweather.com as “vast”,which is predicted to affect us by 10th November.

Q: What contest is it this weekend?

A: The 2m CW contest!

Perhaps appropriate given condx that we focus on VHF this weekend! Would be great to get some SOTA chasers on 2m CW!

I hope to be QRV 1400z to 1700z from G/SP-015, somewhere around 144.000 to 144.200MHz today and again sometime tomorrow morning.

There seems to be some 40m HF contest on as well at the moment - haven’t found what it is yet though.


Certainly having big effect on the QRP sotas :frowning:
Can hear chasers no sotas :frowning:


You and me both, Karl, we have a major storm in progress - plus it has been raining cats and dogs and my 300 ohm ladder line gets lossy in the rain, the penalty for a genuinely all-band antenna!


Hi Ed,
Most likely this one will have the most impact where you are: