Stable paddles

My paddles weigh over 400g and are still not particularly steady in the field. Holding it with one hand while keying with the other makes me crazed. I have contemplated gluing magnets to the base and sticking it to my rig, affixing a set of rings on the base so it can be strapped down, and getting a different key. I have also seen (and cannot find again) a set of paddles oriented horizontally and operated vertically, as opposed to convention. I suppose such a device would be more stable in field use.
What have been your solutions and has anyone used such a paddle?

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Hi Stu

Go for the Palm Mini Paddle. It even has magnets built into the base for you. Many folks here use them.

73 Marc G0AZS

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Everyone I know uses these:

They are just about perfect for SOTA.



I use the Palm Radio mini paddle as well and there nothing better than this to carry up the hills.
weighs next to nothing, can be attached to your tx with the magnets and it even rectracts the paddles into the main body to protect them.

A well thought design.


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Hi Stuart

This subject was discussed on the reflector in June 2008.

To read all the comments go to the Reflector, click on More Topics, then in the search box type What Morse Paddle.

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Thanks Roy and all. I will study the prior thread and take the Palm paddles as highly recommended. I had stumbled upon these and they looked appealing.

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Another alternative that I haven’t used myself is this Chinese one:

I thought I placed an order for the UNI-712 but made a typo and received this UNI-720 instead:

The UNI-720 is USD 45 and the UNI-712 is USD 55. Yimin, the guy who is providing the Chinese HB-1A transceiver, may have both in stock. Contact info:

(If you would like to have the UNI-720 I wouldn’t mind selling mine since it wasn’t really what I wanted).

73’s Anders SM0HPL