St Sunday Crag

Apologies to any chasers looking out for us today. We abandoned the attempt having taken a wrong path ( which was ok but meant crossing higher up). This new route took us via wall out along the valley with very hot temperatures.

We got to about 400m when i took a funny turn (wretching) despite hydration etc
i knew then it would be silly to go on. After a rest we ascended onto Arnison crag just to play radio, unfortunately out of mobile range. ( although mine was u/s when i got home grrr).

Stuart tried 5mhz and 7mhz with no joy, i tried 28mhz but could only hear a uk station running 400w to an 8 ele, and a french station that popped up, but my cq went un answered.

Temperatures registered via the car showed 28 degrees for most of the way home.

rgds Keith G0OXV