St Kilda activation

We are ready to go to Hirta island eu059 we leave 20th July if weather is kind we hope to have 2 stations on GM/SI098 Conachair on 23 and 24th July cw and ssb We are restricted by the MOD not to operate before 5pm so look for as on 7/14/21 MHz I will use club call MM0UKI/P on ssb not sure which call on CW yet .
Cheers Nobby G0VJG


Oh how major cool is that indeed :open_mouth:

Stand by for dirty great pile up and many of us will be one of them. :stuck_out_tongue:

May the weather and propagation gods be kind :pray:

Just looking at maps etc. see there are other Sotas on surrounding islands no doubt these places are protected and need very special permission to visit.


2 of the St Kilda SOTA summits are sea stacks, so these may never get activated. I think rock climbers Adrian MM0DHY and Colwyn MM0YCJ are planning to activate these sea stacks though.

Jimmy M0HGY

Wow really thanks for the info that is a Sota challenge and half should be double points for the activators.


Good one Nobby and you & the gang’s activation duly noted in my diary for a possible S2S. Will keep a lookout for possible QRG & QRV details. Hope the wx is kind.


Jack (;>J

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As noted above, two are sea stacks. Not only are they quite technical rock climbs, they are also nesting sites for sea birds and access will be forbidden during the nesting season. Since some birds start nesting as early as February and others can start as late as May or even June access can be limited to as late as August. This is as much for the climbers protection as the birds - poke your head up to the level of a ledge with a fulmar’s nest on it and you are likely to be greeted with a high-speed jet of partially digested fish, whilst cormorants attack and bite the rope which can be quite disconcerting when you are making a delicate balance move!

Access to the archipelago has been a controversial issue in recent years, I don’t know if this has been settled yet - any comments from north of the border?


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the St Kilda stacks have all been climbed so a SOTA activation should be possible.